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verse 23: “In all labor there is profit, But mere talk leads only to poverty.”

I have tried to find the author of the following quote; some versions and memories have it as Dolly Parton and others have it as W.C. Fields, but the quote paraphrased is “I love work; I could sit and watch it all day long”. It is humorous, and we nod sympathetically along with the thought that we could all “use a break today”. As a society, our ancestors built this country up through hard work and innovation. As parents, we strive for our children to be properly educated so they can make a living without having to do some of the hard work we had to do to make that same living. There is nothing wrong with leisure time, in its proper place. But I can find no source that says we shouldn’t work. God made us to work and to do; we have that creative spirit within us from our Creator.

Depressed, I once had a heart-to-heart talk with my father; he was an old-fashioned, country-raised, blue-collar worker. He asked me, “do you enjoy your work?” I had been frustrated at that time through inner-office politics and bureaucratic red tape; I told him, “when I’m allowed to do my job…yes!” My father is not one to sit still when there is a job to be done; as he once told us on a mission trip to build a new education building for a church, “God called me down here (the mission location) to build this building.”

There is joy and satisfaction in a job done well; and yes, there is profit too. But as Solomon wrote, “mere talk leads only to poverty”. Be careful not to be all talk today.

Something to think about.

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