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Luke 4:11 “and, “’In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone.’”

In the old classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series Shazzan, the brother and sister who commanded Shazzan, the laughing giant genie, through the magic rings, were observing a street magician one day. Chuck gave in to the temptation to show the magician up, but he couldn’t do it by himself. He convinced his sister Nancy to summon Shazzan together, who did indeed show the magician who had the greater magic. However, the usual jovial genie was cross with them, asking Chuck, “Is this why you summoned me, young masters?” Chuck admitted he was showing off, and Shazzan left them with the warning that “he who misuses the power of the rings shall be punished.” Later on, the two run afoul of the magical Master of the Thieves, who had stolen the rings. When their lives were threatened, they used the rings to summon Shazzan to save them (which is really the main reason they ever summoned him in most of the episodes). Shazzan appeared, stating, “So, now, you really do need me!” After defeating the Master of the Thieves, the genie asked the pair of the lessons they learned, and Chuck was very apologetic, hoping Shazzan was not still angry with him. He said, “It is written, anger is like the wind…once it blows, there is nothing to mark its passing.” “Hmm, who said that, Shazzan?” Chuck asked. The genie answered, “I did, young master! HoHoHoHO!”, and laughing he launched them on their way to their next adventure.

Even though Chuck and Nancy commanded the power of a mighty genie, they still were not to misuse that power, as Chuck did in the cartoon above. Now, this example was in a cartoon. The devil thought he could get Jesus to misuse His power by tempting him to fall from the highest part of the temple, knowing that the Son of God had angels at His command. The devil even misquoted Scripture to try and back up his assertion (Psalms 91:11) Jesus didn’t need to show off, leastways to the devil of all people! He reminded Him that you shall not tempt the Lord your God (also correctly quoting Scripture back at him (Deuteronomy 6:16))! And the devil left Him alone.

So, for your information, Jesus is God. He was and is the only One who could fulfill all the prophecies of the Messiah…and He did! He died for our sin payment and lives again! What else does He have to prove? Nothing.

Something to think about today.

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Hiatus is over…back to task!

The following is the start of a new Bible study series that I’ll title For Your Information. I call it that, because the verses we’ll be covering in the New Testament are all chapter 4, verse 11…in other words, 4-1-1 (the number you dial for information on the phone). God pointed out some interesting observations to me on some of these verses thus far, not the least of which was the Scripture reference of 4:11. So come along with me as we start this study in Matthew; I pray God blesses you through it.

Matthew 4:11 “Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.”

“Oh, the devil doesn’t bother me.” Really? Then you must not be doing something right…

On our most recent Carpenters for Christ mission trip, we knew the devil was against us. Not on our most recent trips had we encountered ALL these distractions:
• Trouble with not all the materials being ready for the building
• Rain delays
• One Carpenter’s father-in-law died in a tragic truck accident not a couple of days before his son-in-law was to leave on the mission
• One Carpenter was delayed a day because his mother fell and had to be hospitalized for observation (she was later discharged, just banged up thank the Lord!)
• One Carpenter, who wasn’t able to come, went home to be with the Lord.
• One Carpenter had to leave early due to his daughter being hospitalized.
• One Carpenter had surgery on his foot at the last minute.
But despite all the devil threw at us, He who is with us is greater than he who was against us. Jesus blessed our mission and the building went up. He sent us just the number of men we needed, and even was in the rain to cool off some hot June temperatures. He was glorified!

You know, we can’t beat the devil by ourselves…but Jesus can. He already won that encounter in Matthew, and will never lose to the devil. You may be facing hardships right now yourself; I know of some good friends who are in Dallas consulting a specialist for the wife’s back injury that has been most debilitating. But they know God is there.

So, for your information, in the matchup of Jesus vs the devil…Jesus ALWAYS wins!

Something to think about today.

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Verse 10: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might,”

I remember a game we would play in AWANA at our church: four-way tug of war. After watching the kids play this game, I would share with them a “game of life” moment. I would put one kid on one end of the circular rope and me on the other. I would tell all assembled that when we try to walk the straight and narrow on our own, Satan is on the other end of that rope pulling at us with temptation (I would then pull on the rope, and no matter how hard the other kid would try, he/she couldn’t out-pull me, eventually the kid starts getting pulled in my direction). Then I would say, “but when you got Jesus on your side, He will help you overcome the pull of the devil”; I would then have a bigger adult pull with the kid and demonstrate that “the devil” couldn’t prevail against “Jesus” pulling on the rope. Among other things, it would show them that we fight a supernatural enemy. We can’t fight that enemy in our own strength, but must “be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”.

No matter how strong we are, no matter how tough we think we are, we can’t fight the devil on our own. Jesus was the only one to face the devil (when He was on earth in human form) alone and stand against him. Talk about having the Ultimate Ally! All you have to do is ask Him to come into your heart today.

Something to think about today.

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