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verses 17-18: “Do not let your heart envy sinners, But live in the fear of the LORD always. Surely there is a future, And your hope will not be cut off.”

Sometimes it can be real easy to get depressed; we live in troubling times. It’s hard not to turn the nightly news on and hear negative stories about the economy or the government or troubles around the world; worse yet, log onto the internet, and you can get that bad news 24/7! It’s probably very rare that you don’t know someone yourself who may have lost a job, is going through rough times, and pines away for happier times. It’s like being in a dark tunnel, and you just don’t see any light at either end. You feel swallowed up. Even when your day has gone well, the devil crouches and like to dogpile you with worries.

Last night (and early this morning) was such a time for me; and thank God, He gave me this verse. Surely, we DO have a future…and our hope will NOT be cut off. It can seem like a rough patch at the moment, but lift your perspective and raise it up…and you might find that the tunnel you’re in, is really just a brief dark spot, and there’s light just beyond the rise. Don’t pine for the junk of this world…for the Christian, there’s a heavenly view in store, thanks to Jesus. We’re just passing through at the moment.

Have a better day in the Lord!

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