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verse 7: “Excellent speech is not fitting for a fool, Much less are lying lips to a prince.”

Remember the old political joke: “When can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips move.” Though we mostly chuckle at that one-liner, it’s somewhat of an indictment in that most folks think politicians are not trustworthy. In some cases, politicians do get elected and for whatever reasons, fulfill or don’t fulfill their campaign promises. It’s sad when we expect lack of integrity in some occupations; it’s even worse when we find it in people who have, up to the point of failure, had integrity.

The Holman concordance’s commentary on this verse is one on trustworthiness. Nothing hurts a person like being lied to or betrayed. We come to expect it from people with that reputation; we are let down when we see it in people who have earned our trust.

The old story goes about a young warrior who ascended a mountain to prove his warrior test of manhood. As he neared the top, it grew colder and colder. At the top, he paused to rest before his journey back down. His attention was drawn to the ground near him, where he saw a snake shivering in the cold, near death. “Please, young warrior, carry me down to the valley, so that I may live. I am too cold to make the journey by myself, and if I don’t warm up soon, I will die!” said the snake. The young warrior at first refused, knowing that snakes bite people. “Oh no, I promise I will not harm you; just carry me down, please!” pleaded the snake. The young warrior took pity on the shivering, half-dead animal; he picked it up, put it under his cloak, and journeyed back down the mountain. Once at the base of the mountain, where the valley was warm, he put the snake on the ground gently. Before he could withdraw his hand, the snake whipped around, bit him, and wriggled away for a few feet. Shocked, the young warrior said, “You gave me your word you would not harm me!” To which the snake, now safely away from the warrior, said, “Foolish young warrior; you knew what I was when you picked me up!”

We expect lies from liars. If you have a reputation of integrity, live up to it. Be the example that Jesus Christ demonstrated we should be.

Something to think about.

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