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verse 8: “I am not speaking this as a command, but as proving through the earnestness of others the sincerity of your love also.”

We’re continuing through chapter 8, on Paul’s comments regarding giving.

There have been plenty of sayings, axioms, and quotes about one’s actions:
“Actions speak louder than words.”
“I’m from Missouri. You’ll have to show me.” (loosely quoted from Senator Willard Duncan Vandiver)
James commented in James 2:14-17 “…faith, if it has not works, is dead, being by itself.”
Jesus Himself spoke of plants that produce no fruit, urging His disciples to not be like these.

Merriam-Webster online defines “earnest” as “characterized by or proceeding from an intense and serious state of mind”. My Bible even has a footnote regarding that one of the purposes of giving is to “prove the reality of one’s love”. Though Paul spoke here of a collection for the saints, remember, giving can be in more than just money…it can include time and abilities. The bottom line here is, as Christians, we should be serious in our intentions. When we say we love God, prove it…show it! Never let it be said that you “talk a good fight” (yet another saying!)

Have a blessed day!

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verse 17: “For we are not like many, peddling the word of God, but as from sincerity, but as from God, we speak in Christ in the sight of God.”

Okay, how many of you out there are working your dream job? Don’t worry, you are not alone if you are not. To those who truly enjoy the work they do for a living, their earnestness and enjoyment of their work is different from those who do a job that they are indifferent to, or to those who hate their work. Now this isn’t an opinion or judgment of people and their jobs; some have to do certain jobs they may not like for a variety of factors (especially in this current economy!)

But you have to admit, to those who love their work, it’s not work to them. Now…how about those who love their work and feel called to do it? This is Paul; he is telling the Corinthians that he and his company didn’t “peddle” the word of God, but spoke “from sincerity”. My wife’s KJV Bible has the word “corrupt” instead of “peddle”. The Holman concordance states that they “distinguished himself and those who worked with him from so many others who had reduced their ministries to mere occupations…he served as one sent from God, considering his task a sacred privilege.” Remember also, Paul didn’t accept payment for his preaching.

A good Carpenter for Christ friend of mine spoke a devotion during our recent mission, about how we do our best for God when we are on mission. He further said we need to do the same when we go back to our jobs back in our daily lives. We should do our best for God, as Christians should. Our walk should match our talk, and both need to be sincere.

Have a great weekend in Him!

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