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Proverbs 11:22-27

verse 22: “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.”

My family was involved in showing 4-H steers and heifers, when I was younger. We even took a year to try showing hogs in 4-H.
Showing hogs was interesting. You didn’t put a halter on them to lead them around, like you would cattle. You used a type of riding crop-like rod to guide them by tapping them on the left or right side of their heads. You still had to clean them up, bathe them, and get them presentable for the hog show. Of course, once you got home after the show, and put the hogs back in the barn, they’d head right back to the mud!

A ring of gold (something beautiful) makes no sense in a swine’s snout (a pig being….well, a pig!). Solomon draws that parallel to a beautiful woman (physical beauty) having no moral discretion (making her ugly). Man tends to judge things by their outward appearance in most cases, but God always looks at the heart.

Something to think about.

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