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verse 22: “Do not say, ‘I will repay evil’; Wait for the LORD, and He will save you.”

If you’re a fan of adventure movies, then surely you’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you have seen it, you’ll remember the penultimate scene where the bad guys are trying to open the Ark of the Covenant. Indy and Marion, who are tied to a pole nearby, keep their eyes shut, knowing that the contents of the Ark are not to be viewed. As the energies of the Ark are released, all who view it are struck down…all except for Indiana and Marion.

As bad as I wanted Indy to be the one who got the revenge on the Nazis and the traitorous archeologist who helped them, it was poetic justice that God struck them down.

We all have the desire for revenge, for payback. But that prerogative belongs to the Lord, and we need to leave it in His hands. Indeed, as the Holman concordance points out on page 233, we should follow the advice of Romans 12:17-13:4, and pour kindness out on our enemies. It might seem easier to “take the wheel” ourselves, but God knows what’s best for us. Leave the driving to Him, and you’ll be amazed just where you go.

Have a blessed day!

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