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verses 7,11: “so that on the contrary you should rather forgive and comfort him, lest somehow such a one be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow.” “in order that no advantage be taken of us by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his schemes.”

Paul here is referring to one in the church who had rebelled/sinned, and had been punished. Now was the time for restoration.

Whenever I’ve watched a movie, I’ve marveled at an actor/actress’s performance, if it has been so convincing, that I forget I’m looking at an actor/actress portraying a character. It’s easy to lose yourself in thinking the actor/actress is the character, and you are almost gleeful if this character is the villain and get his/her “just desserts” in the end. For example, Bruce Dern is a very good actor, and I hated “his” guts when he was the villain in the old John Wayne movie The Cowboys. Besides being a despicable villain, the character he played shot John Wayne in the back! (I think I remember hearing the story that Dern claimed that movie typecast him for years…why?…”because I shot John Wayne in the back!”)

I mention this because too many times, we seem to get “lost” in desiring payback or vengeance on someone who has wronged us, even if the offender genuinely is sorry and repents. We still want to lash out and hurt them. That’s just what Satan wants; continued division in the church, so that the church’s main work is not getting accomplished. This is not Jesus’ way. If someone genuinely repents and asks forgiveness, we should welcome that believer back and restore him/her to the fellowship. They shouldn’t be forever “typecast” as the villain.

Have a blessed day!

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