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Proverbs 27:19-27

verse 19: “As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man.”

It’s amazing to observe your reflection in a perfectly still body of water. I pass a lake every morning on my way to work, and there are times when it is so still (no wind or breeze) that the surface looks just like glass. It is in that glass that you can observe your reflection, and the clarity of detail you can see in that reflection can be astounding. I’ve looked at my reflection before and sometimes wondered: “Is that really what I look like?”

Our hearts are that mirror. Outward beauty or appearance (or lack thereof) are sometimes mirrored perfectly on the inside…and in some people what we observe is not what is reflected. The inside can be totally different. Whatever is in our hearts is the true litmus test of what we are. If you have Jesus in your heart, then you should be reflecting Him. So what do you see in the mirror today?

Something to think about.

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