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Verse 10: “They only asked us to remember the poor – the very thing I also was eager to do.”

We often ask church candidates (when our Carpenters for Christ interview team is asking about their mission needs), “Would you do this project without our help?” Most times, if they say “Yes.”, that’s an indication that they can afford the labor costs. One of the goals of our Carpenters group is “constructing church buildings to the Glory of God for churches in pioneer areas that can afford the materials, but not the labor, for much needed facilities to reach people for Christ.” (from the About page at http://www.eastalcfc.org/ ). Many of these Christian building ministries (Carpenters for Christ, Builders for Christ) and other Christian ministries help churches who are not as financially well-off as others. They aren’t poor in spirit…just poorer in the pocketbook sometimes.

Paul and the Jerusalem leadership both had the poor in mind. The Jerusalem’s leadership only request of Paul was to remember the poor. Paul did that through the offerings raised in the Gentile churches, thus “Such giving promoted love and unity among the Gentile and Jewish Christians.” (from the Holman New Testament Commentary on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, & Colossians, page 22).

Financially, Jesus walked this earth with just the clothes on His back. He was very cognizant and aware of the needs of the poor, and ministered thusly. It’s a responsibility we Christians have: ministering to the poor. It’s something we need to remember daily, wherever we go.

Something to think about.

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