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verse 30: “If I have to boast, I will boast of what pertains to my weakness.”

“We’re Number 1”! How many times have we seen or heard this chant on many a sports event broadcast? What always struck me funny was this: I expect to see it from those few teams and fans who, according to the polls, are ranked no. 1 or near no. 1. I expect to see it from teams and fans who are ranked no. 1 or near no. 1 in their conference or division. But I always chuckle when I get to see that game between two “cellar-dwellers” and you see the fans frantically waving the big foam finger no. 1. I guess the school is number 1 in their hearts…

Paul here is not bragging about being number 1. Even though he was the greatest missionary the world has ever known, what was his “bragging cry”? “I am the chiefest of sinners”. We, as Christians, are nothing without Christ. I always marvel at how God brings the mighty down to nothing, no matter how big the individual or nation. What should be our “bragging cry” today? It should be that I am nothing without Christ. As a friend of mine from college once said, “the world will probably say that’s a crutch…and we should say, He’s not a crutch, He’s my Rock!”

Have a blessed day!

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