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verse 17: “The first to plead his case seems just, Until another comes and examines him.”

I think the fascination with a lot of the lawyer shows I watched growing up (Perry Mason, Matlock, etc.) was how, no matter how bad it looked for the defendant (who in most all the plots was innocent), the hero lawyer would find a way to exonerate them. They usually did this through cross-examining the witness on the stand and “cornering” the witness with the real facts or incriminating evidence that would reveal their guilt. Seems I remember that in one of the few plots where Perry Mason actually lost a case, there was tremendous fan uproar over the fact that he lost, so popular was the show.

Despite the fact that my wife and I have always tried to teach our children never to lie to us, I do try to carefully hear both sides of the issue if they come home from school having gotten in trouble. Children can detect fairness; they can also detect when they’re not getting a fair shake. Be thankful today that God is our Judge, and chose to be merciful to us, we who are guilty of sin.

Have a blessed day!

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