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verse 5: “He who gathers in summer is a son who acts wisely, But he who sleeps in harvest is a son who acts shamefully.”

Growing up on a farm, we had a nice-sized garden. We were not farmers by trade, but my folks liked to grow their own corn, butterbeans, peas, etc. My siblings and I knew that at the right time, it would be the time to harvest the crops if we wanted to enjoy that food during winter and later on. Even though we kids are grown up now, my folks still have a small garden. Recently, my father had to be in the hospital for the period of a week due to kidney stone complications. When we went to visit them, we talked with my mother (my father was asleep). She commented that back home, most of the crop went to waste because there was no one to pick it. All the work she had put in, had to go by the wayside.

Obviously, she was more concerned with my father, and didn’t worry about the crop. They weren’t in danger of starving, and they weren’t farmers by trade. But I noted, the harvest comes at the time to pick it; it won’t wait due to other emergencies.

Solomon is talking about the wise son of a farmer, who is “at the ready” to move into action when the crops are ripe and ready to be picked. The foolish son sleeps, is not diligent and dependable, and thus the harvest spoils because he didn’t act wisely; he becomes a shame to his farmer father.

There’s another type of harvest ready today. It’s the harvest of souls out in the mission field. A familiar song comes to mind, “Lord of the Harvest” (by Paul Smith and James Newton Howard). Read the second verse below:

Time like a free wind so quickly slips away,
Too soon today is tomorrow, too soon a yesterday,
So little time for the reaping, and laborers are few,
Lift your head to the fields of white, the work that we must do.

Pray that you would be diligent for Jesus today; the harvest is ready, but the laborers are few.

Have a blessed day.

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