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verse 23: “He who rebukes a man will afterward find more favor Than he who flatters with the tongue.”

Did you ever think that after rebuking someone, that they would THANK you?

I read an article in the newspaper recently about a local juvenile court judge in our area who was retiring after decades of service. On top of the usual accolades and congratulations that you expect to read about at such a retirement, I saw one portion where a former defendant who had served time (prescribed by the judge) also showed up to thank the judge for caring. He admitted that the punishment he received as a juvenile and the fact that the judge cared about all those youths who came through his court was just what he needed at the time to turn his life around. Today, the man is an upstanding citizen. He was grateful for the judge’s rebuke and caring attitude.

There are times we need rebuking, and God is faithful to bring us in line! But God does it because He truly loves and cares about us. Parents should mimic that type of Fatherly love in their parenting. Friends should mimic that type of love in their relationships as well. You may not want to hear the rebuke, but sometimes you just have to “take your medicine”.

Something to think about.

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