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verse 10: “Drive out the scoffer, and contention will go out, Even strife and dishonor will cease.”

One of my best friends introduced me to a collection of old Christian radio shows called Jungle Jam and Friends: Wild Times in God’s Creation. It’s a collection of humorous stories about a group of animals living together in the jungle, and learning lessons about God through their adventures. One of these stories was entitled “The Cat’s Pajamas”; it was about a sad kitten, whose sadness permeates the usual happiness of the group. They try to cheer the kitten up, but to no avail. Soon they’re all sad, and don’t know why! It’s not till Gruffy Bear, returning from doing his laundry, produces a pair of pajamas that shrunk in the wash; the kitten is happy to see these. It turns out the kitten was cranky because he couldn’t get to sleep and had misplaced his pajamas…Gruffy gives him his shrunken pair. The kitten puts them on and drifts happily off to sleep.

Much like the sad kitten, whose sadness permeated everyone’s happiness, can be the poisonous attitude of the scoffer or mocker. For someone to do nothing more than to cast negative attitudes or remarks all the time can really sour the atmosphere of most people. One person’s attitude can do that, much like just a little of a black widow’s venom can do serious damage to a healthy body. Solomon’s advice here is to drive the scoffer out. I have seen examples where, once the scoffer was removed, a lot more peace resulted. God doesn’t want us to live in strife; He wants us to live in peace. He wants us to know His peace.

Have a great day in the Lord!

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