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verse 26: “It is also not good to fine the righteous, Nor to strike the noble for their uprightness.”

It can be hard enough to do the right thing in this corrupt world. Harder still is when you get punished for doing the right thing. For instance, I have had to explain to my sons why, when two kids are caught fighting at school, the policy is usually to punish both of them (unless there is good evidence of who the wrong party was). School officials, when they come upon a fracas, have both sides saying “they started it”. Without evidence to the contrary, they have to punish both parties.

My older son was in detention after school once, for supposedly saying something offensive to a girl (who had said something offensive to my son to start with). I met with the teacher, and we compared notes. The teacher knew my son’s reputation, and knew he wouldn’t lie, but we couldn’t figure out what led to the accusation that resulted in his detention. Finally, we pieced together that my son had said one thing, and the girl heard another! The teacher rolled his eyes, tore up the detention, and told my son we could go. 🙂

Following Jesus’ example will cost us in this world. What we, as Christians, have to be careful about is not to punish because someone did the right thing.

Something to think about.

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