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Verse 16: “Therefore I urge you, imitate me.”

Chief Martin Brody had had a hard day. Between dealing with the mayor of Amity and the politics of not hurting the island’s tourist business and the more serious matter of convincing people that they had a shark problem on their hands (after the deaths that had occurred), he was worn. At home, after supper while his wife was putting away dishes, the chief sat at the table with his young son, Sean. He took a drink from his glass, and so did Sean. He put his head in his hands, and so did Sean. His wife paused at the kitchen door, watching this interplay. Brody then finally cut his eyes toward his son and realized he was imitating him. He interlocked his fingers, and Sean followed suit. He flexed his fingers and so did Sean. Then he slowly made a mean face with his hands and Sean, in his little boy way, tried to do the same…the result was a funny little face. The chief leaned over to him and said “Come here.” Sean leaned over and the Brody said “give us a kiss”. “Why?” Sean asked innocently. After a pause, the chief said, “because I need it.” Sean kissed his daddy on the cheek, and shortly thereafter was sent up to bed. Despite the weary load he carried, Brody knew he was still a hero in his son’s eyes…all because of his imitation of him.

The above scene was from the blockbuster movie Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg. While watching the clip on Youtube, I read a post from someone who claimed that this scene took place between shots, and was not even in the script at the time. Spielberg, when he saw it, filmed it and put it in the movie. (Again, this was from an unsubstantiated post, but it would be neat if it was true).

An oft old axiom goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” For children who love their parents, it is normally a sign of their love that they imitate what they do. Paul here was urging the Corinthian church, who he called “his children” to imitate him…not imitate false leaders. He wanted them to adhere to the true Gospel and more, to adopt the humility that he showed, not the false pride they seemed to be displaying. Of course, this meant they would be called “fools” by the world, but that was what Paul was called for the sake of spreading the Gospel (references here from my Holman Concordance on I & II Corinthians, and my Holman Bible footnotes).

So whom are you imitating today?

Something to think about today.

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Verse 1: “Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.”

I have always been fascinated at how certain mimics and celebrity impersonators use their abilities to imitate another sound, speech, or mannerisms of somebody else. I grew up entertained by the talents of Rich Little, Frank Gorshin, Larry Storch, Chuck McCann, Mel Blanc, and Kevin Winslow. I know I’m forgetting countless other talented people; it was watching folks like this that led my wife and I to be able to mimic certain speech brogues, dialects, and styles when we read children’s stories at our local elementary school. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and nowhere do you see that more than when a child imitates their parents.

In the movie Jaws, Chief Brody is at home, sitting at the dining room table after supper. He is moodily considering how the mayor and town council won’t believe him or back his actions about a shark in the area being responsible for a couple of deaths. He is feeling guilty over being confronted by the mother whose young son was the second victim, when she slapped him after finding out he knew that there might be a shark in the area (the mayor tries to convince him it wasn’t his fault…and in actuality, it was the mayor who prevented him from taking full actions….but Brody still accepts the blame personally). As his wife Ellen is clearing the table and starts to walk back in from the kitchen, she stops and watches as Sean, their youngest son, is mimicking his dad: he drinks from his glass like him, folds his hands in front of his face like him, places his face in his hands like him. At this point, Brody begins to notice this: he interlocks his fingers together and Sean copies him. He flexes his fingers, and Sean copies him. He makes a mean monster face, and Sean tries to copy him. He bends down towards his son and asks him to give him a kiss. When Sean whispers “Why?”, Brody wearily tells him it’s because he needs it. The whole scene is very powerful in that, when it seems the world is against him, his own child still loves him.

Be imitators of God, like a dear child. We need to show our Heavenly Father that we do love him. We need to do that in our talk. We need to do it even more in our actions. Jesus showed us the way.

Have a blessed day in Him.

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