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verse 17: “A man who is laden with the guilt of human blood Will be a fugitive until death; let no one support him.”

There was one person who came to mind when I read the above verse. The world’s first murderer – Cain. Bible students know the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4; how Cain murdered his brother. In punishment for his crime, God denied him his livelihood (Cain had been a tiller of the ground, a farmer), that the ground would no longer yield crops for his efforts. He told him he would be a vagrant, a wanderer. Cain cried out that his punishment was too great, and that whoever found him would kill him. God, in His mercy, placed a sign that would protect Cain, allowing him to live. Still, Cain had to live with the memory and results of his rash act until his dying day.

Our pastor is currently doing a sermon series on the book of James, and in his sermon on James 1:12-20, he stated something that I had to write down. He said, “God will forgive you of your sin if you ask, but He may not give you crop failure for what seeds you have sown!” Wow. That is true. Forgiveness is there for Christians, if they sincerely repent and ask. However, you still may or may not have to deal with the effects of your sin. That’s the double-whammy of sin; it has immediate effects and “delayed reactions”. That’s why it is so important to keep our minds and our hearts focused on Jesus Christ.

Temptation to sin is a fork in the road. Make sure you take the right path!

Something to think about.

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