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verse 17: “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.”

Two co-workers of mine used to go to the gym and work out together during lunch time. They were both very serious about training, but one day they got into a humorous “competition”. They were doing arm curls with dumbbells, and did a number of repetitions. When they got to the end of the set of “reps”, one of them performed one more “rep”. Seeing this as a challenge, the other one did the set again, adding one more rep past what the first one did. Not to be outdone, the first one repeated the set, and added one more rep on the top of the other one’s last total! And so on, and so forth. Finally, with both of their arms screaming in pain, they mutually declared “Uncle!” and ended their spontaneous competition! Oh, boy, were they sore for a few days!

Despite their competitive nature, my friends used their working out together to keep each other to their promises to exercise. It’s easy to not follow up on a promise when you’re only accountable to yourself. Iron sharpens iron, so one person can hold another accountable when they ask them to keep them “sharp”. Christians need to do this, too. I know my pastor has a confidant in the ministry he uses to keep him accountable on things; so do our deacons. God holds us accountable for our actions. He provides ways for us to stick to our promises. Sometimes that way can take the form of a trusted Christian “workout partner”.

Have a blessed day in the Lord!

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