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Verse 27: “For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”

On one of our Carpenters for Christ missions not too many years ago, we had some trouble with the showers where we were staying. Our host allowed some of us to use the local showers at the high school that day. After a hot day working, sweating all day long, we all eagerly and quickly grabbed shower stuff to hitch a ride on the truck going to the high school. Man, that hot shower felt good! (the problem with our showers where we were staying? Well, they had two temperatures: Arctic and Antarctic…oh, they were cold!)

Well, after the shower, I made a sad realization; although I took enough time to grab clean towels, clean washrag, and clean underwear, I forgot to grab a clean t-shirt and shorts! So, after the shower, I had to ride back to where we were staying in the same sweaty, stinky jeans and shirt I had peeled off earlier! Ugh, you can imagine how it felt to be clean and put on dirty clothes!

Yet, that’s what we do spiritually when we accept Christ and try to live in our old sinful ways. It’s akin to being baptized in Christ (the shower and His robes) and trying to put on our old self (the dirty clothes). The more we live for Christ and die to self, the more we reject trying to put on those old dirty clothes.

Make sure each day, you pray and ask Jesus to forgive your sins, and to try to live for Him and die to self. Best shower you’ll ever take!

Have a blessed day in Him!

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