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Verse 9: “And the patriarchs, becoming envious, sold Joseph into Egypt. But God was with him”

A man once went through the throes of depression. Being a Christian, he turned to God for help. Even as dark thoughts crowded inside his mind, he prayed to God, quoted Scripture, and sang hymns to Him. Even though he didn’t feel His presence at the time, he knew that Jesus was there. And He helped him through that hard time. The only question being on his mind was, “why did I go through this, Lord? I don’t understand.” Years later, God placed that same man as a counseling friend to another from his church who was hospitalized and going through an even harder depression. He was able to relate to his friend, and comfort him in that dark time. As the young man left the hospital, he suddenly stopped and looked skyward. “God, is that why I went through what I did years earlier? Because you knew my friend needed an ear to bend, of someone who had been through it?” But, of course, the young man already knew God’s answer.

Stephen is reminding the council that the God the Christian church serve, the Christ that they follow…was also with Joseph and God’s people in the Old Testament. God is with us in the dark times and the good times.

What if you knew that you were about to deliver the last message you’d ever speak…what would you say?

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