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Verse 16: “So let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths,”

There is a comic strip I enjoy in the Sunday funnies of our local newspaper called Jump Start by Robb Armstrong; it chronicles the everyday lives of Joe and Marcy Cobb, a young African American couple, trying to balance family and work (Joe is a police officer and Marcy is a nurse). It also includes their extended family, friends, and co-workers.

One strip in particular was published on December 8, 2013; (it can be viewed at http://www.gocomics.com/jumpstart/2013/12/08#.Uur4CryYbIU ). Joe, Marcy, and the kids were leaving church, commenting on the guest pastor (Joe commented that he wasn’t as good as Pastor Chuck G (his last name is Glover)). A homeless man within earshot says, “Thanks, Joe”. Joe and Marcy are amazed that the homeless man is their pastor in disguise. He explains to them how he tried to attend the church in disguise as a homeless man, but was later asked politely…to leave. Joe and Marcy are ashamed at how he was treated; he assures them not to be, since they have always been nice to him. “You’ve done this before?!” Marcy exclaims. Reverend Glover replies, “A variety of disguises. Unwelcome types. Stole the idea from God.”

Ever notices how God judges us on the truly important and pertinent things, but man judges each other on the most trivial things at times? Paul was reminding the Colossians not to fall for the “more spiritual-than-thou” arguments of some in Colosse who were saying to be “truly spiritual” they had to eat certain foods or observe certain holy festivals. They had to look like this or act like that; and if they didn’t, they couldn’t be spiritual enough. Just like the reverend in disguise who wasn’t welcome because he didn’t appear as a dressed-up church-goer, the only thing that truly counts is how we know Jesus Christ; if He lives in our hearts as Lord and Savior, it doesn’t matter how the outside looks. Letting Jesus live through us results in the true transformation.

Something to think about.

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