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verse 14: “Where there is no guidance, the people fall, But in abundance of counselors, there is victory.”

I read this verse, and quickly thought about a recent college football coach; he had hired a renowned offensive coordinator to get some more production out of his offensive unit. The only trouble was, despite all the talent this team had, the new coordinator (who was supposed to be in charge of the offense) seemed to clash with all the veteran assistants who were under him. The assistants had been there for some years, and did things their way. Confusion set in, and the leadership of this team seemed to be floundering; without a cohesive staff where everyone was on the same page, the players seemed confused and disoriented. Ultimately, there was a “clean sweep” of the coaching staff, including the head coach. Once the new head coach was in place, he assembled a staff under him, and most importantly, made sure all were on the same page with their coaching philosophy. The team now seems to be rebounding under united leadership.

Like a mighty ship, when there is no guidance, disaster will soon follow. With the aid of all who do their jobs and offer counsel from their positions, the captain is in a much better position to steer the ship and sail through the course without incident. I think of the counselors God gives us in our lives: parents, teachers, mentors, pastors. He doesn’t want to see us flounder; the beauty of His counselors is that, when they serve and follow Him faithfully, all are on the same page. Like the song says, the anchor holds.

Have a blessed day!

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