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verses 30-31: “Do not contend with a man without cause, If he has done you no harm. Do not envy a man of violence, And do not choose any of his ways.”

During one of those rare moments that my wife and I can have an adult conversation (yes, the kids were elsewhere in the house!), we were watching the evening news, observing the behavior of our Congressional representatives during the last days leading up to the vote on the healthcare bill. We saw representatives holding up signs on the Capitol balconies outside to crowds of people voicing their opinions. We saw gathered crowds of representatives in the main House chamber chanting “Yes we can” during the tallying of votes. We heard emotional statements from both sides, sometimes pointed in their criticism of each other and those others’ parties. We heard and saw angry, passionate speeches. Finally, I said, “Are we watching Congress….or a hotly-contested college football game?” We lamented the passing of political civility in our supposedly professional legislative leaders.

You know, there are people in this old world who aren’t happy unless they are unhappy about something. (sort of reminds me of Disney’s Grumpy Dwarf!) There are those who just love to debate…who spoil for a good fight. Now, it is not wrong to fight for a just cause. I’m talking about those who like to spend all their time and energy just…arguing! What does it accomplish? I do know that such arguing can sometimes divert your time and energy from the main purpose you set out to accomplish. I have even known people, who say they are Christians, engage in this behavior. That’s another weapon in Satan’s arsenal…diverting us down a rabbit trail to keep us from reaching a lost world. Keep your eye on Jesus today, and your mind on His work!

Something to think about!

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