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Verse 12: “But I want you to know, brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel,”

The right place at the right time. During this autumn season, there is a tree in our neighborhood that turns a magnificent bright gold, and when the evening sun hits it, it seems to glow with a radiant shine. When this tree’s leaves are all golden, you just want to stop and stare at it. Now, before this happens, there are parts of the tree that are green and parts that turn gold. Shortly after its peak, all the leaves just fall right off…usually with the help of wind or rain, but they quickly fade brown. You truly have to be right there when the peak time occurs, else you miss a wondrous sight. That peak time is not long either. You have to be in that right place at the right time.

God had Paul in the right place at the right time. Though in prison, God was using Paul through his tribulations to spread the Gospel to guards and to citizens alike. Would you or I be encouraged to be thinking of witnessing during such an ordeal? We should. God puts us in the right place at the right time to minister in His name. We need to remember, that as Christian witnesses in this world, we are on His time.

Something to think about.

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