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Verse 15: “[“]But if it is a question of words and names and your own law, look to it yourselves; for I do not want to be a judge of such matters.””

This past Sunday, I heard a wonderful testimony from a young family in our church, regarding tithing. As most young families are, when they are starting out, they have had struggles to make ends meet. Add 2 children to the mix, and family needs become greater in priority. Through it all, they testified, they have remained faithful to tithe on their income; no matter the ups and downs, especially with them both feeling God’s leading for the wife/mother to stay at home with the children. It hasn’t been easy, but they cited God’s promised provision; they backed this up with Malachi 3:10. The husband shared how they’ve seen God work in opening heretofore unknown resources to bless them with the income they need to support their family; circumstances that one could clearly see the hand of God in, as they relayed instance after instance. God promised to protect and to provide for them, and He did, even doing it in EXACT ways that they had prayed about needing.

In the previous passage, God had promised the same for Paul: protection and provision to allow Paul to continue God’s work in Corinth. Not long after, here came the familiar mob of Jews, attempting to get Paul in trouble with the law. Verse 14 states that, even as Paul was about to open his mouth to give his defense, God used the proconsul, Gallio, to literally suck the fire out of their accusations; he figuratively told them, “Look, this is your world and your laws…handle it yourself. Now get out of my office!”

Paul didn’t have to do anything…God had him covered! So when God tells you, O Christian, that He has your back…why do you keep looking over your shoulder?

Something to think about.

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