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verse 21: “To endow those who love me with wealth, That I may fill their treasuries.”

The old Chinese proverb states: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Not only does the man get the benefit of the food (the fish), but knowing how to get it himself (how to fish), he becomes more self-reliant, and less dependent on charity.

Wisdom has those benefits too. To accept God’s wisdom has additional benefits than just being smarter. It allows you to grow in Him, and to apply those teachings to your life. Your life will be better as a by-product. Now, hear me out here: our lives on this old earth will not be perfect, nor will we all turn into millionaires! This is not a verse that says God is a magic genie, granting all our wishes. Though I consulted the Holman commentary that I use in this study, I already know that not every Christian is financially rich. Yes, there are some Christians who have more money than others; there are non-believers who are more financially well-off, too. You can be spiritually wealthy by accepting God’s wisdom. I know a good many Christians who are happy and content in the Lord, and they are not going to crack the Fortune 500 anytime soon. 🙂 Remember, there are a lot of rich people today, and some of those folks are plain miserable, discovering that money can’t buy happiness.

Something to think about.

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