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verse 22: “It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich, And He adds no sorrow to it.”

One of the television programs I used to enjoy watching when I was in college was Fantasy Island, starring Ricardo Montalban. He played Mr. Roarke, the host of the island where, for a fee, the guest could live out a stated fantasy. Most of the time, when the guests did get to live out their wildest dreams, they found out that the dream wasn’t as wild as they thought or that it was wilder than they imagined…they wanted out! There was usually a moral or lesson attached to these episodes.

People tend to think that money can buy happiness. The verse above states that “it is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich.” When man attempts to gain wealth outside of God’s blessings and will, he finds out that there is a lot of headache and grief that comes along with it. God attaches no such sorrow to His blessing.

Something to think about.

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