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Proverbs 11:1-8

verse 1: “A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, But a just weight is His delight.”

The scale: yes, that device most people have in their bathrooms, that sometimes painfully-honest thing that lets you know how much you weigh. In years past, the scales had rotary dials that would spin around and show you your weight. Most sets like that also had an adjustment knob in case the scale didn’t reset perfectly to zero (or in case someone was trying to “adjust” the scales to not weigh as heavy!) Today’s digital versions are, in most cases, electronically accurate…and also impossible to fudge the reading! 🙂 Readers of the Garfield comic strip will remember certain storylines where the talking scale would add insult to injury and make some snide comment to Garfield about his weight…usually resulting in Garfield jumping on it till his he had pounded the scale into oblivion!

The scale, like it or not, is a device to give accurate and fair readings. The Lord is honest and just…and fair. We may not always agree with His fairness; like a child saying “That’s not fair!” we tend to sometimes interpret fairness from our point of view. However, God abhors dishonesty. One of my hot-button issues with my children is “don’t ever lie to Daddy!”. God says the same thing; what’s more, God is not fooled…he has no adjustment dial! His Word is Truth.

Remember, God is fair. He is also merciful, and ready to forgive sins; all we have to do is come to Him…and be honest.

Something to think about.

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