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verse 20: “He who curses his father or his mother; His lamp will go out in time of darkness.”

What is wrong with the family in today’s world?

I’m not here to address every single definition (by the world anyway) of the word “family”, except to say this: If parents did as God instructed us to do, and if children did as God instructed us to do, I truly believe we’d have less problems. Sure, growing up, there were times I disagreed or was mad with my father or my mother…but I never ever considered cursing them. In Exodus 21:17, the reference to “lamp” was one’s life! My wife reminded me, in the last days, according to 2 Timothy 3:2, that “men will be…disobedient to parents”.
There are times as we go down life’s road that we’ll be glad to have parents, who have been there before us. They are to be treated with honor and respect.

God considered this so important, our relationship to our parents, that He reserved one of the commandments just for this: see Exodus 20:12.

Something to think about.

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