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verse 3: “giving no cause for offense in anything, in order that the ministry be not discredited,”

I have been asked before by friends and acquaintances why I do not drink alcohol. Among the reasons I have (upbringing, personal choice, physical effects, I plain do not like the stuff!, etc.) is this one: I do not want to hurt the witness of Christ in my life to a new or struggling believer. I would not want to confuse a new or beginning believer in the faith by such actions, when they are still vulnerable to the world’s influences.

Paul said pretty much the same here and previously. His spiritual integrity in the ministry was extraordinary, and left his opposition without ammuntion….not even a slingshot! We may be the only Jesus that some folks see today; that’s why it’s especially painful when “public” figures in Christian ministry, whether political or celebrity, stumble in sin. We all still sin, that’s why we need to ask God’s forgiveness when we do sin.

The litmus test for questionable behavior and actions still remains: “What would Jesus do?”

Have a blessed day!

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