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It’s no fun when you use to be in good physical shape, then you fall out of it. Add in the aging factor, and getting back into shape is harder. However, it is worth the effort, because the better physical condition we’re in as we age, the better we can withstand diseases that strike us later on in life.

What about our spiritual strength? How do we withstand the day of distress when it hits us? (and it will!). First off, you better have the Great Physician on your side. Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior is the most important part, but Jesus doesn’t want us to accept Him and that be all. We need to spend time with Him in prayer, studying His Word, and doing His will. We get our strength from Jesus, but we need to stay close to Him, so that we don’t let sin steal or dilute that strength. Then when the day of distress hits, you’ll find yourself withstanding the assault a lot easier since your strength won’t be slack.

Something to think about.

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