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verse 17: “For we are not like many, peddling the word of God, but as from sincerity, but as from God, we speak in Christ in the sight of God.”

Okay, how many of you out there are working your dream job? Don’t worry, you are not alone if you are not. To those who truly enjoy the work they do for a living, their earnestness and enjoyment of their work is different from those who do a job that they are indifferent to, or to those who hate their work. Now this isn’t an opinion or judgment of people and their jobs; some have to do certain jobs they may not like for a variety of factors (especially in this current economy!)

But you have to admit, to those who love their work, it’s not work to them. Now…how about those who love their work and feel called to do it? This is Paul; he is telling the Corinthians that he and his company didn’t “peddle” the word of God, but spoke “from sincerity”. My wife’s KJV Bible has the word “corrupt” instead of “peddle”. The Holman concordance states that they “distinguished himself and those who worked with him from so many others who had reduced their ministries to mere occupations…he served as one sent from God, considering his task a sacred privilege.” Remember also, Paul didn’t accept payment for his preaching.

A good Carpenter for Christ friend of mine spoke a devotion during our recent mission, about how we do our best for God when we are on mission. He further said we need to do the same when we go back to our jobs back in our daily lives. We should do our best for God, as Christians should. Our walk should match our talk, and both need to be sincere.

Have a great weekend in Him!


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verses 26, 33: “The last enemy that will be abolished is death.” “Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals.”

2 interesting verses here.

No more death. With all the advances in medicine and science today, people actually talk about seeing the day when there is no more cancer, or no more terminal diseases. But no more death? Outside of the reward of Christ (eternal life in heaven), it seems like something you read about in comic books. Yet it’s true; there will be no more death. What a day that will be!

I’m going to repeat an old analogy here: how do experts tell counterfeit money? Do they compare it to similar counterfeits? Or do they compare it to the genuine article? Now take it a step further: if you had a bag of money, and inspected the first 5 or 10 bills, and they were all counterfeit, what conclusion would you draw about the entire bag? Why, that they all were counterfeit, of course. But what if there was real money in the bag too, and you never saw it? You’ve just dismissed the genuine because it was immersed in the fake.

Another old phrase I heard is “it’s easier to be pulled down, than to pull someone up.” Jesus calls us to walk in this world, but not become it. Be careful today as you minister and witness, that you are pulling up those who need Jesus…and not being pulled down into the mire of this world.

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