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Thanks to any and all for your prayers; God has led me through some beautiful revelations in the last 2 days, culminating in the hiatus being over! My work difficulties are still there and will have to be dealt with, but I cannot stay away from His Word!

verse 20: “He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

Two observations here: we as human beings often equate wisdom with age or experiences. That’s not always true. I do know some wise old people and some foolish young people. I also know some foolish old people and some wise young ones! As far as experiences go, well, there are some habitual criminals who aren’t any wiser from repeated offenses and punishment in our prisons.
If you are open to the counsel of wise people, it can be very hard not to grow in wisdom as well.

I have a friend, a fellow parent, with a son in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, from what the parent told me, the son was just in the car with his “friends”…when they decided to rob a gas station. I still need to keep praying for my friend, for his son is of legal age, and therefore responsible for his actions. In this case, that son was a “companion of fools”, and is suffering consequences from his associations.

There is a Friend Who wants us to walk with Him, and His wisdom is vast; read of the encounters Jesus had with the religious leaders in the gospels, and you’ll see He is much better company to keep!

Have a blessed day!

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