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Verse 13: “Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?”

The college conference that my alma mater belongs to is the SEC – Southeastern Conference. Each member school is proud of its standing, accomplishments, and strengths. You can hear it especially when any teams from any two of the schools play each other. But come college playoff / post-season bowl time, if a member team is up against a member of another conference (especially one that thinks that they’re better than the SEC), the conference pride comes out, and you might well hear the cheers of “S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!” No matter the intra-conference college rivalries, the conference usually stands together.

That is somewhat a loose analogy as to what should be happening in Corinth. Paul is dismayed to discover that, although the church was founded on Jesus Christ, personality divisions have begun taking over: “I am of Paul…I am of Apollos…I am of Cephas…” and some still would say “I am of Christ”. Paul wanted them ALL to say “I am of Christ”! He is reminding them that Jesus Christ is the One who died for their sins, rose again, and lives that we may live in Him! It was not important how they came to Christ…only that they came to Christ! Or, to put it colloquially, Paul wanted to remind them to keep the main thing, the main thing!

Do you belong to the Savior? The introduction is surely not as important as the conversation.

Something to think about.

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verses 19-20: “If we have hoped in Christ in this life only, we are of all men most to be pitied. But now Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who are asleep.”

You go to college or trade school. You make it through 4 or more tough years of difficult classes, massive homework assignments, class projects, and more difficult instructors (don’t worry, youngsters, it’s not as bad as I’m painting it! haha) You’ll go through ups and downs in relationships and life events. It’s a different world from high school. And then you get to graduation day—cap and gown, the processional, hearing your name called, getting the diploma….and that’s it. Nothing more comes of it. Time for the next thing, if there is a next thing…

Wait, you say. That’s not right! There was a reason you went to college, right? Isn’t it supposed to prepare you or help you in your chosen career in life after school? Aren’t some of the people you meet possibly involved in your future as well?

Yes, I exaggerated that situation to make a point. College isn’t just for 4 years and that be it. It’s the education and key you need, these days, to get into almost any career. In years past, it was icing on the cake; now, it’s the cake, and you have to have it, to make it in a job (most cases any way).

So it is with our life in Christ. If all we had to live for, was just during our time on earth, how sad. All the stuff on this old planet will be gone one day. Christ said the walk we choose in Him is not easy. But it’s all preparation for the glory of the prize…eternal life in Heaven with Him! Just think about those bolded words; no more pain and suffering…we will be with Him in glory.

Like the verse from the song goes:
“When Jesus steps out,
On a cloud to call His children,
The dead in Christ will rise,
To meet Him in the air!”
Midnight Cry

When life gets you down during your “studies” today….think about Him and the prize that awaits.

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