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verse 3: “And when Herod the king heard it, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.”
verse 8: “And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, ‘Go and make careful search for the Child; and when you have found Him, report to me, that I too may come and worship Him.'”

Our local high school football team did well this past season. With a new coach, and having lost some good players through graduation, they were not expected to get as far as they did. However, they succeeded greatly, placing 2nd in the region; they only lost to the region champ during the season. They even got matched up in the first round of the playoffs with the team that knocked them out last year (that team was a very strong team last year, a past state champion). The opponent wasn’t as strong as last year, and our team was better than last year; hopes were high we would advance from our local “pond” of teams to the bigger “lake” and prove we were a big fish. Unfortunately, we wound up getting beat almost as badly as we did last year.

Now, here’s the funny point. That past state champion, a big fish, didn’t do as well in the 2nd round; they were defeated by a team who had beaten them earlier in the season. And then, that team that advanced to the 3rd round? Knocked out by a south region team. The point I’m alluding to is, no matter how big and powerful you think you are, there is always someone bigger and more powerful…a bigger “fish” in the bigger pond.

Herod the Great fits that role. Although he had power by Rome’s help, he was the big fish in the local pond. If he was unhappy or “troubled”, then “all Jerusalem” was in trouble. Now here came these wise men, these magi, asking about where the new King had been born. A new king? That’s the last thing that the current king wants to hear! I marvel at the fact that, even though Herod found out where the King was to be born and sent the magi on their way with his pledge that he “too may come and worship Him”…even though Herod had nothing but death in his heart for the new King, God used Herod in a way that that “big fish” would have never wanted. God used him to point the wise men to where the baby Jesus was. That “big fish” was used by the One who created all “fish” so to speak. What’s more, Herod directed the wise men to the earthly birthplace of the Great Fisher of men.

Merry Christmas!

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