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2 Corinthians 4:11: “For we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus’ sake, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh.”

One of the stranger heroes in the DC comics universe was a character named Deadman. Deadman was the stage name of a talented circus acrobat named Boston Brand; the name came from the garish white skull makeup and red leotard suit he wore, always teasing the crowds that his next performance might be his last. One night, it was; a sniper with a hook for one hand shot him while he was performing the act. He didn’t pass on though; his ghostly spirit roamed the earth with the power to “possess” other people’s bodies, all done in search of his own killer. While Deadman possessed someone, they had no knowledge of the time he was in control of their body; to all outward appearances, the person looked and talked the same, but Deadman was in control of their bodies, “living” through them temporarily while righting wrongs and looking for his killer. He actually possessed Batman on one caper, convincing the Darknight Detective of his existence so he could enlist his help.

Paul speaks here of what he and other disciples were going through, enduring hardship and physical punishment all in the name of Jesus and the mission He charged us with: to spread the Good News through all the earth. We need to let Jesus live through us, so that others may see Him. Not in the way Deadman does above, but to let Jesus direct our thoughts and actions, so that this world will truly know that we are Christians: by our walk and by our talk.

For your information, are you familiar with the phrase, “you might be the only Jesus some people see today”? Well…are you living for Jesus?

Something to think about today.

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verse 28: “Like a city that is broken into and without walls Is a man who has no control over his spirit.”

Among the comic books in my collection is an issue of The Brave and The Bold, featuring a team-up between Batman and Flash. 2 of their villains, Dr. Double-X and the Rainbow Raider, were used in a plan to take on the other’s arch-nemeses…Dr. Double-X would face Flash, while the Raider took on Batman. In the final battle between these four, while Flash found a way to overcome the electrical powers of Dr. Double-X’s double, the Rainbow Raider used his prisma-goggles to try and force overwhelming emotion on Batman (using yellow for cowardice, blue for sadness, red for anger). Batman just determinedly kept marching toward his foe; the Raider was perplexed, because even Flash had fallen to the power of his emotion rays. Batman (in that criminal-chilling voice of his) informed the Rainbow Raider that such rays were useless against a foe who had mastered controlling his emotions. He then proceeded to deck the Raider with one punch!

In the verse above, one’s spirit refers to one’s emotions. The Holman Concordance on Proverbs mentions in its passage on this verse that a man who has no control over his emotions will be vulnerable to an enemy who can control his (Chapter 17, page 198). It’s the same as trying to defend a city whose fortifications are in ruins; you have no protection. The devil loves to play havoc with our emotions (I saw that in the stands of a recent football game…it’s sad when students are behaving better than adults!) Remember, among the many fruits of the Spirit is self-control…and a very important fruit it is too!

Something to think about.

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Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Would soldiers go into battle without wearing their gear belts?
  • Would police charge into a crime in progress without their gunbelts?
  • Did you ever see the sheriff or marshall in old Westerns go to a gunfight without their gunbelts?
  • Do roofers perform their jobs on a roof without their tool belts?
  • Do workers for the electric company climb utility poles without their tool belts?
  • Did Batman regularly fight those super-villains without his famous utility belt?
  • Did the Atom (the world’s smallest super hero in DC Comics) go into action without the size-and-weight controls in his costume’s belt?
  • And where did Luke Skywalker hang his deactivated lightsaber when he wasn’t using it? (Yep, on his belt!)
  • All these characters, both real and imaginary, couldn’t do their work properly without their belts. The very tools and devices they need are part of or are housed on their belts. For a Christian, truth is one the greatest weapons we have against the devil. The devil’s lies can’t stand up to the light of God’s truth.

    Don’t forget your belt when you armor up today!

    Have a blessed day!

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