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verse 19: “A man of great anger shall bear the penalty, For if you rescue him, you will only have to do it again.”

A sheep and a billy goat tried to escape through the fence
Through a hole in the boards, so I’m told.
The sheep got stuck because it wasn’t very smart
The billy goat, because it didn’t have any control.

Sheep are dumb animals, and they will wander into trouble. A billy goat is stubborn; I’ve seen one continue to butt its head against a wall, even though it couldn’t break through. Its bad temperament always causes it to get into scrapes and bad situations.

Some people are like that goat, such as the one in the verse. Even when their anger gets them in trouble, they don’t see to learn their lesson. When left to their anger, they’ll get in the same trouble again, and need rescuing.

The change Jesus brings to our hearts is the only remedy for sinful habits and attitudes that continually get us in trouble. We can’t change ourselves, only Jesus can. So, are you tired of butting your head against the wall?

Something to think about.

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