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verse 16: “For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, But the wicked stumble in time of calamity.”

It’s sort of strange to consider this a classic movie, but (given the age of the movie and myself), it has to be called a classic now. I’m referring to the Rocky movies. I always enjoyed underdog movies like that. One of the things I remember most about Rocky Balboa was the fact that he always came back from the most punishing blows, no matter who was fighting him at the time. He always came back; just the look on his opponent’s face after they would deliver a bone-crunching punch, only to see Rocky recover and get right back in their face, was great! One of the best lines was in Rocky III when Apollo Creed and Paulie were in Rocky’s corner, while Rocky was getting pummeled by Clubber Lang. Apollo said, “he’s getting killed out there”; Paulie said, “no, no, no, he’s not getting killed, he’s getting mad!”

Just like the inner reserve that Rocky Balboa called upon to keep coming back, Christians have a reserve to call upon when the world and the devil knock them down. That reserve is Jesus Christ (who by the way, took a whole lot more punishment than Rocky did!) There are not so good days I thank God for the gift of His Son, who took my place on a cross. There are bad days when I don’t feel like getting back up, when God will give me a sign that He still reigns…it might be the majestic view of a hawk or the steam rising off a lake in the cold of the morning or the still quiet at the dusk of the day. There are times I wonder how non-Christians make it in this old world. Just remember this: when the devil tells us that Jesus is a “crutch”, remind him that Jesus is not a crutch…He’s my Rock.

Something to think about.

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