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verse 22: “Suddenly he follows her, As an ox goes to the slaughter, Or as one in fetters to the discipline of a fool,”

For several years in my childhood, my siblings and I reared and showed 4-H steers. It was an interesting cycle of getting the steer; feeding, caring for, and working with the steer; and then showing him in various fairs and county shows, culminating in the state show if you made it that far. Now, unless you already had a buyer for the beef, you would put the steer into the sale that would take place after the state show. The last thing I would see most every 4-H year is my steer being put on someone else’s trailer and driven off. Now, even though I was a naive youth, I knew the steer was going to the slaughterhouse; it was a way of life on the farm.

But even as naive as I was, I knew what was ahead for that steer…death. The steer didn’t know; that animal would be led into the slaughterhouse, not knowing it was about to die. That is the analogy Solomon uses here. The foolish youth is following the seductress straight to his doom, and he doesn’t realize it. The devil is that way, masking the road to destruction so it looks appealing. Pray today that Jesus would open your eyes to the world around you, and not be taken in by the trappings of this world. Remember, we’re only on this world a short time…

Something to think about.

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