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verse 2: “Make room for us in your hearts; we wronged no one, we corrupted no one, we took advantage of no one.”

Paul is talking to the Corinthians here, but what struck me was the very statement he used here.

The feeling communicated as from one accused or blamed: “what’d I do wrong?”

The feeling a loving parent might voice to or about a rebellious child.

The feeling made by a friend who tried to help someone who rejected the help and lashed out in return.

The feeling made by someone who, though we might blame them, is absolutely blameless.

I could see Jesus making this statement. But Jesus loves us so much, He won’t force Himself on us. But still He stands at the door of our hearts today, and knocks. If you’ve not let Him in, please do so today. Make room in your hearts.

Have a blessed day!

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